Dariusz Rup

Developer PHP/SQL; Frontend Developer


I have a lot of experience. At the same time I do not waste time. I am open to new technologies. I learn new things. With this mix of my designs they are from year to year better and better.


You have to realize large, unusual project? It sounds interesting. I am happy to introduce you to the way in which we can accomplish it well and efficiently.


In every project I put a lot of heart. I strive for its technical accuracy, functional and aesthetic. All this, so that we can be proud of the final result.


My name is Dariusz Rup. I'm a programmer with a huge motivation to work. I create bespoke software, websites, shops and business applications. I approach my work very seriously, I love it, it's my passion. Systematically developing my skills. I attach attention not only to technical issues, but business. You can always count on the commitment and professional approach on my part. I stick to our findings and keep my word. I believe that together we can do something cool. You have a project? Hire me. Privately? I am cheerful, tolerant person full of positive ideas and feelings.

I constantly look for new challenges. I effectively transformed my passion for technology from a hobby into a life career. I have been working professionally in the IT industry for several years. I am an experienced specialist in the field of Internet technologies, on the way to become an expert in this field. The experience I gained allows me to approach each topic professionally. I always try to manage projects with a view to achieving maximum performance and maximum quality


You need dedicated software? Or maybe you have an idea for an e-service? Great place. We are pleased to help you. Cooperation start of dialogue with the client to get to know his requirements and expectations of the project.

In every project I put on individual approach and creativity. By combining knowledge and rich experience of creating a new quality in the use and implementation of web projects.

If you think that a good website must have first of all a nice setting, you're right only in half. Essential is still a few details of which I will tell you. Business Cards create pages, online shops and extensive portals.

If the software available on the market does not meet all of your expectations, or you want to base a business on your own idea, I can help you. I have many years of experience programming. I create complex database software, CRM systems, business applications, mobile applications, and more ..



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Wiktor Dudek

IT Manager

We Define Success

Mr. Dariusz Rup proved to be a good organizer of their own work. With the tasks assigned missions had complied smooth and timely manner.

He knew how to properly shape the rules of social intercourse. Their professional knowledge and experience willingly passed to other employees. It was characterized by diligence, commitment and responsibility.


A Beautiful Story

Armed with insight, we embark on designing the right brand experience that engages the audience. It encompasses both the strategic direction and creative execution that solves a business problem and brings the brand to life.

In the create phase, the big idea is unleashed to the world through different media touchpoints. This is when we watch the audience fall in love all over again with our client’s brand.


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